QRP Mini No Tune End Fed Half Wave Ham Radio HF Antenna Rugged Portable Pota/Sota 40/20/15/10M PETG Carbon Fiber Color Enclosure <25 Watts

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This is a complete, ready-to-use antenna system . No additional finishing is required.

The QRP version of our HF No Tune End Fed Half Wave 40 - 20 - 15 - 10 Meter antenna is a fantastic choice for Low Power Portable/Stealth/Emergency Operating with 25 Watts or Less and 1/3 the size and weight of the regular EFHW. Comes with your choice of SO239 or BNC Female connector options. PETG Carbon Fiber available in a variety of colors.

For $74.95 you will receive:

*One original, newly fabricated, ready to use QRP No Tune End Fed Half Wave antenna as depicted in the photos, tested and described below. Made in America, by Hams for Hams with materials sourced from U.S. sellers.
*A 8" removable braided copper grounding strap or wire with ring connectors
*A copper/copper alloy grounding spike and alligator clip options
*Stainless Steel Half-Wave Element and Ground Lug Hardware
*A SO239 or BNC end protector cap.
*A drawstring carry pouch as pictured
*Your antenna will be tested on the air before shipping. If available, QSO details will be enclosed.
*Free Shipping within the United States
*30-day Free Returns

Check out our antennas operating in the field on and view some excellent ham radio content on YouTube by providers such as Ham Radio Concepts and Outdoors on the Air. More great antennas are available at our Etsy or eBay stores: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HamRadioAntennas?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

While dipoles have always been my first choice as an antenna, recently I experienced a set of circumstances that would not allow for a dipole. So while looking for solution I decided to go with an End Fed antenna but add some features and incorporate our style and construction techniques. This No Tune End Fed antenna comes complete and ready to use, no kits or assembly are needed. The only option the operator needs to add, if necessary or preferred, is a counterpoise. There is a plethora of information on End Fed Counterpoises available including AA5TB's phenomenal page.

The EFHW, or "End Fed Half Wave", is, like all antennas, a compromise. The compromise here is that the antenna is extremely lightweight, adaptable, easy to erect and very, very stealthy but these characteristics are paid for with its efficiency and radiation properties. Nevertheless, it can be a very effective antenna system for SOTA, POTA, Field Day, or Trail-Ready Antenna. The antenna is extremely discreet so it can be appropriate for many HOA installations. Simply raise the far end of the antenna as high as possible, connect the ground or counterpoise and connect your coax and run it as a sloper, this is how I use it. Other configurations can be used including Inverted Ls, Vertical, long angle Zig Zags, "V"s and rhombic.

Designed for portable use, but perfectly workable as a low power base station antenna, the matching unit is a 49:1 Fair-Rite Toroid with winding as shown in the schematic above, set into a weatherized, extremely durable PETG Carbon Fiber plastic enclosure. The wire used is 24 AWG UL 1007 stranded wire which makes this antenna light, portable, flexible and easy to setup. The integrated element is approximately 66 feet long, which is a half-wave on 40 Meters. This allows operation on that band, plus 20 Meters, 15 Meters and 10 Meters without the use of a tuner. The EFHW is somewhat directional, with radiation mostly running in-line with the antenna. I use mine in a sloper configuration with the apex in the west and enclosure/ground spike in the east (up off of the ground) and the results with 10 to 15 watts can be seen in the screenshots above. With this model added to my repertoire, I don't have to erect a dipole or worry about using a tuner if it is impractical or inconvenient.

The antenna comes with a braided copper grounding strap and spike that allows for grounding or anchoring in the event a counterpoise is not used. Mounting points for ground wires are stainless steel and will not rust or corrode. The antenna collapses as shown, comes in a 9 x 7 camouflage travel bag and weighs a total of approximately 8 ounces.

We hope you will love your purchase, however if you need to return it, we have a free 30 day return policy.

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better made than most commercially available antennas. I recommend.

Very well built. SWR pre-tuned as advertised. FT8 contacts on all bands during first outing.

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