Rugged Ultralight 40-6M Multi-Band Dipole POTA/SOTA/Portable/Stealth/qrp HF Ham Radio/Amateur Radio Antenna - Complete - Free Shipping



An Extremely Portable, Ultralight, Complete Multi-band Dipole for QRP, Portable, Stealth and Base Operations up to 50 watts. Simple, Elegant, High Quality For Less.

The Mini OCF is our bestselling antenna. If I were marooned on a desert island and could only use one antenna, it would be this 40-6 Off-Center Fed Dipole. The OCF Dipole is the result of amateur radio lessons learned, one of which is - if you can put up a dipole, you should. Multi-band antennas can be a great convenience. For those occasions, we now offer a multi-band dipole in a featherweight, ultra-compact form with exceptional performance up to 50 Watts SSB at a reasonable price.

Check out our antennas operating in the field and view some excellent ham radio content on YouTube by providers such as Ham Radio Concepts and Outdoors on the Air.

For $84.95 you will receive:

* One original, newly fabricated, off-center fed dipole with integrated 4:1 matching transformer as depicted in the photos, tested and described below. Made in America with materials sourced from U.S. sellers.
* A BNC end protector cap.
* A drawstring carry pouch as pictured
* Your antenna will be tested on the air before shipping. If available, QSO details will be enclosed.
* Free Shipping within the United States
* 30-day Free returns

People familiar with our antennas already know that compact, light, effective performance means a dipole, to us. The difference here is that we now offer all of the highly portable characteristics of our regular antennas in a multi-band off-center fed dipole for 40 through 6 meters for use up to 50 Watts SSB.

This antenna requires a tuner.

Fortunately, there are many lightweight, portable tuners available and many newer radios include an auto-tuner. If you are equipped this way, then our OCF Dipole is for you. Our antennas are solidly built, rugged and designed to be a high-performance value alternative to much more expensive equipment. Don't take our word for it, please check our feedback as a seller.
The antenna is a 40 Meter half-wave dipole fed 1/3 of distance from the end. This raises the feed-point impedance to approximately 200 ohms. To compensate, the antenna is equipped with a 4:1 Guanella -style current balun (impedance matching transformer) embedded between the BNC female connector and the 22 AWG UL1007 radials (See schematic with photos). The transformer uses two (2) FT50-43 ferrite toroids (one for each element). The result is a highly functional OCF dipole for use on 40 through 6 meters. Using a Yaesu FT-817ND as a transmitter and a MFJ portable tuner, our OCFD tunes between 1.1 to 1.5 SWR on all bands 7.000 to 54.000 MHz. There is a band-by-band SWR readout in the photo section showing values before tuning. If your tuner can compensate less than 8:1 SWR (most do better) then you will be able to effectively transmit on 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters. Every antenna is tested on the air before shipment. You will also receive a map like the one in the photo section, or a record of any QSOs made with the antenna while being tested, or both. Perfect for outdoor or stealth operation. Perfect for a small base station antenna. It is also a great, inexpensive gift to give to those involved with amateur radio that requires no additional finishing.

It fits easily into a pocket, glove box, bag or carrying case

Many experienced hams would agree that it is very easy to erect an antenna system inferior to a dipole, and very difficult to out-perform one. There are no short-cuts or electronic tricks involved here. The balun design and schematics are straight out of the Antenna Handbook. The OCF is a dipole antenna optimized for QRP / QRP Portable and Stealth operation. It takes almost no space and weighs almost nothing. It consists of a BNC Female connector, 22 AWG stranded, UL1007 copper antenna wire and two (2) ring connector eyelets at each end (wire may be blue or black). All electrical connections are soldered using silver bearing rosin-core solder. Parts and connections have been weather proofed using marine-grade, adhesive-lined double walled polyolefin shrink tubing. The OCFD weighs under 7oz. (178 grams) and fits into a space 5" x 3" x 1" (127 x 77 x 25mm). Extended, the dipole is cut for the 40-meter band with one element approximately 22 feet in length, the other approximately 44 feet. It can be used in any of the standard dipole configurations, flat-top, inverted V, sloper, vertical dipole, wire vertical w/counterpoise, etc. but the patterns achieved through different configurations are not the same as with a classic half-wave dipole in a standard configuration.

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Worked great on a 40ft temp pole.

Light as a feather and tough as nails. Perfect SOTA antenna for 14ers where weight matters A LOT. Best customer service of any company I have EVER dealt with, and I'm in my late 50s!! He has my business for life!!

I have this up at 30' of my back deck and I use it QRP for POTA hunting. Works great. I have been real pleased with its performance. I was surprised at the signal reports I am getting and how easily I have been able to break through the POTA pileups.

I've yet to use the antenna, but it looks to be well constructed. The bag and connector cap are nice extras. I wouldn't have paid any more for it, but if you're not interested in building your own, I'd recommend this antenna. I didn't receive any test/performance data,as mentioned in the description, but it did say, "If available," if I'm not mistaken.

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